Zeng Jinyan: Biting the Hand that Detains You

As I say, I think Zeng will eventually be more of a problem than her husband for the authorities in the run up to the Olympics, and not just because she obviously isn’t easily intimidated. As more and more foreign reporters arrive in China, they’ll all be looking for a quick story that’s easily accessible, has guaranteed human interest and so on. What better than a innocent young mother corralled by hordes of police, struggling to get out of the house so her baby can get a check up ? They would after all be merely exercising the rights China has guaranteed, i.e. that foreign reporters can interview anyone who agrees, which Zeng certainly does. And then there’s the added possibility that the police might rough up the pushier reporters (who have been known to actually be provocative, gasp!) for some extra color. There’ll be a growing stream of hacks beating a path to the doors of Bobo Freedom City, mark my words. Actually, I don’t want to put ideas in anyone’s head, but I’d take pretty long odds that eventually they’ll be forced to detain her too.


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