Chinese identity and wall-top grass

Chinese people are perfect examples of wall-top grass, blown in the direction of the wind. It matters nothing to me who is in power, since I’ll get grain or starve to death all the same. When a dynasty falls another comes to take its place; after the burglars run off, government troops come to steal; after the foreigners run off, the Han come to kill; today we wear our hair long, tomorrow we cut it off, the next day we wear it long again….none of this is as important as a bowl of rice. No one wants to be Chinese, not even real Chinese themselves. The majority of Chinese who worship their ancestors do it out of utilitarian reasons; they hope that their ancestors can protect their descendants and ensure that they have food to eat. After they conclude their worship, people immediately “rejoice” as all of the things they used to bribe their ancestors finds its way into their stomachs.


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