China’s Olympic run-up shows weak links of emerging power

“The Olympics are vital for the ruling party as a symbol of what it can achieve. They’re a huge source of legitimacy,” said Zheng Yongnian of Britain’s University of Nottingham.

“But when you want to project an image of power and responsibility, that means that when problems happen they can be that much more difficult to handle.”


1 Response to “China’s Olympic run-up shows weak links of emerging power”

  1. 1 donghu
    6 August, 2007 at 10:44 am

    Assuming the vast majority of those attending the 2008 Olympics will be in China for a very short time (maybe even down to a week or so) they will only have time to focus on the sport and maybe a few of the standard Beijing attractions. They may not be interested in or distracted by wider issues in Chinese politics, society ir the arts. But hopefully, once the Games are over, they may form part of an audience who begin to question more, once their initial interest in China is established. And the more people who are interested, the more debate there will be. The more debate, the more awareness, and the more chance that quieter voices of protest will eventually be heard and listened to. So the bottom line is, the Games should be welcomed, as a platform for future progress in China, in politics, in society, and in the arts. .

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